Patient Safety Alliance

The Patient Safety Alliance is the initiative of ‘Atmonnati Charities’ a charitable trust registered under the Bombay Trust Act. The initiative was started by Dr. Nikhil Datar (Eminent Gynecologist & Health rights activist) and supported by Professor Rajan Madhok (Ex Director, NHS Manchester, U.K.), Mr. Pramod Lele (CEO, Hinduja Hospital) and a number of other prominent personalities from the field of law, science, medicine, and media etc. from India and abroad.

The Patient Safety Alliance also works closely with a number of other organisations on issues related to Patient Safety.

Objectives of Patient Safety Alliance

  • To raise awareness of the problem of patient safety
  • To create a resource library for patients and professionals
  • To mobilise the power of patients to take necessary action including through judicial activism if necessary
  • To support providers of health care, and professionals to promote safer care
  • To launch specific projects, starting with promoting the concept of Never Events