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“Be Alert : Be Safe”

“Be Alert : Be safe” seminar is an interactive seminar conceptualized by Patient Safety Alliance to sensitize citizens and patients about medical errors and prevention.

Following topics are covered:

  1. How medical errors occur?
  2. How to ensure better communication with health providers?
  3. How to ask productive questions to the doctor?
  4. How to prevent errors while taking prescribed medicines?
  5. Do’s and Don’ts when you get admitted or discharged to or from a hospital
  6. How to make your own summary of medical records?
  7. How to take an informed decision when major surgery/intervention is advised?
  8. How to use the internet to find authentic medical information?
  9. How to identify medical negligence and take legal recourse?

Style of conducting:

The facilitator uses a power point presentation and encourages the group to interact.

We use four films and videos to make the topic interesting. One of the films, titled “Jane Anjane” is a recreation inspired from a real life medical error where in a wrong leg was about to get operated. The group discussion on the films turns out to be an eye opener.

Currently seminar is conducted in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages.

Hands on:

Patient Safety Alliance has created simple forms that help patients to communicate better with the doctors. Patient safety alliance has created checklist and medication card. These are called as “Be alert tools”. The group works on the tools and learns hands on.

Take home pack:

A booklet of take home messages is given to all the participants.

Impact assessment:

A pre seminar and post seminar questionnaire is given to participants to assess the impact.


The total duration for the seminar (including the question answer session) is around 150 minutes

The group:

A group of fifty to one fifty is suitable.

  • The organizations and establishments may want to organize this seminar for their employees
  • The NGOs may want to have this seminar for general public
  • The Schools and colleges may want to organize for the teachers and parents.
  • The large housing societies may want to organize for their members.


A hall with audio visual system


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